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Is America Prepared for a Nuclear Crisis?

NRC’s ‘Wishful Thinking’ That Geologic Disposal Site Will Be Available When Needed for Highly Radioactive Used Nuclear Reactor Fuel Challenged in Federal Court

Nuclear is Not the Answer to our Energy Needs

Riverkeeper responds to Congressman Gibson’s plans for new nukes in NY The nuclear power industry is desperate to salvage what’s left of the “nuclear renaissance” it was touting b… Read More

Nuclear Power Plants “Flirt with Disaster”

The fact that Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant has had its fair share of issues is nothing new. With the New Year comes new government and different people looking at the same problems, which might be… Read More

Oyster Creek may set precedent for older power plants

Indian Point, Entergy and a Problematic History

On November 7, 2010, an undetected malfunction at Indian Point resulted in an explosion and fire of a main electrical transformer. This event is the next in a seemingly never-ending stream of operati… Read More

Indian Point Transformer Fire (Free Speech Radio News-November 8)

Riverkeeper calls for independent investigation into IP transformer explosion

After Fire At Nuclear Plant, Calls for Better Oversight

Indian Point, Vermont Yankee plants shut down

Don't let New York State give up on New York City waters
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