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Riverkeeper Response to New York AG Schneiderman on Indian Point

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Tina Posterli (516) 526-9371 Ossining, NY – March 18, 2011 – Riverkeeper supports the Attorney General’s call for an immediate assessment of “all public … Read More

Will the US suffer the same nuclear fate as Japan?

Report: Indian Point prone to earthquake

NY1 Online: Nuclear Power Debate On “Inside City Hall”

It’s too risky to keep Indian Point nuclear power plant open: Gov. Cuomo

Living With a Nuclear Question Mark in the Backyard

Quake safeguards at Indian Point questioned amid Japan disaster

Riverkeeper Calls for Immediate Shut Down of Indian Point

Safety Risks Present Unacceptable Risk to New Yorkers The staff of Riverkeeper sends its condolences to the victims of the Honshu earthquake. The unfolding crisis at the Fukushima Nuclear Plant and ot… Read More

Nyack: Residents Raise Concerns About Indian Point and the Hudson River

Nuclear is Not the Answer to our Energy Needs

Riverkeeper responds to Congressman Gibson’s plans for new nukes in NY The nuclear power industry is desperate to salvage what’s left of the “nuclear renaissance” it was touting b… Read More

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