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NYLCV Requests Expansion and Enforcement of the Sewage Pollution Right to Know Law

Kingston Violates Sewage Pollution Right to Know Law

For Immediate Release Contact: Tina Posterli, 914-478-4501 x 239 or [email protected] Riverkeeper water quality tests show high levels of fecal contamination as sewage continues to flow into T… Read More

Environmentalists Want More Information More Quickly On Sewage Pollution

DEC Falling Short on Sewage Right to Know Law

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Adrienne Esposito, CCE, 516-390-7150, [email protected] Brian Smith, CCE, 716-831-3206, [email protected] Tina Posterli, Riverkeeper, 516-526-9371… Read More

New Law Requires Public Water-Quality Updates on Sewage Dumping

New York Mandates Alerts on Sewage Discharges

‘No swim’ alert for sewage spills

NY State Legislature Passes Sewage Pollution Right to Know Act Read More

Require sewer operators to alert the public of overflows

Sewage pollution ‘right to know’ act advances in Albany

Tell Gov. Hochul to block invasive species at the Erie and Champlain canals
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