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Urge Your Legislators to Oppose the Vested Rights Bill!

The Vested Rights Act undermines the authority of municipalities to protect the general welfare and natural resources of their communities by strengthening local, environmentally related laws. Many c… Read More

Tell DRBC to Protect Oquaga Creek from Fracking Water Withdrawals

Take action today and urge the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) to postpone a vote on an application by XTO Energy (ExxonMobil Corp.) to withdraw 250,000 thousand gallons of water per day from t… Read More

Urge State Legislators to Protect NY’s Water from Hazardous Waste!

To protect New York’s drinking water from fracking, state must close a loophole that allows the gas industry to avoid treating its hazardous waste properly. Right now, the gas industry is exempt fro… Read More

Submit Your Comments to the DRBC

The Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC), has issued drilling and fracking rules against the will of New York State, New York City, Philadelphia, the National Park Service, the U.S. Fish and Wildlif… Read More

Tell the EPA not to let GE forgo its responsibility to get its toxic PCBs out of the Hudson River

Currently, it appears that the EPA will reject GE’s request to delay its day of reckoning. But right now another critical decision looms for the EPA, and the success of the cleanup hangs in the bala… Read More

Tell Gov. Hochul to block invasive species at the Erie and Champlain canals
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