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Wallkill River: Signs of Progress

Advocates for the Wallkill River achieved a milestone at the 2019 Wallkill River Summit, when the Department of Environmental Conservation announced it would develop a clean water plan to reduce exces… Read More

$438 million to clean up Hudson, protect drinking water

Riverkeeper’s Water Quality Program helps to pinpoint where investments are needed to reduce pollution and improve drinking water quality throughout the Hudson River watershed. Our community organiz… Read More

The threat to water quality from NY Harbor storm surge barriers

Riverkeeper and our partners sampled more than 410 locations in the Hudson River Watershed in August. Where we observed rain prior to sampling this month, the data show its uneven impact. The Roeliff … Read More

Summer thunderstorms trigger massive sewage overflows: Water Quality Update

Riverkeeper and our partners sampled more than 410 locations in the Hudson River Watershed in July. The data reinforced what Sewage Pollution Right to Know Alerts made plain: When it rains, sewage ove… Read More

Research IDs high levels of pharmaceuticals in the Hudson. Here’s what we can do about it

New research supported by Riverkeeper highlights the large numbers of pharmaceuticals found in the Hudson River, and identifies the wastewater treatment plants that process our sewage as the most impo… Read More

Newtown Creek and Flushing Waterways – Community visioning for NYC’s future

Hundreds turn out to shape new ideas for remediation, restoration, recreation, and resiliency improvements to two key waterways. This summer is shaping up to be quite historic in two corners of New Yo… Read More

How bad is pharmaceutical pollution in the Hudson?

Senate report focuses on reaction to drinking water contamination. We also need prevention

The Water Quality and Contamination report released Jan. 3 by the New York State Senate’s Standing Committees on Health and Environmental Conservation highlights some important issues related to how… Read More

Sewage overflows not only after rain, but snow, too

When talking about pollution from combined sewer systems, which carry sewage and storm water runoff in the same pipes, and overflow into waterways, we often talk about “wet weather” overfl… Read More

Final 2015 Hudson River Sampling Patrol Shows Good Water Quality

The season’s last set of Hudson River Estuary water quality sampling results are now available at the Water Quality section. Data from the October patrol show that dry weather means swimmable water�… Read More

Tell Gov. Hochul to block invasive species at the Erie and Champlain canals
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