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On patrol: ‘Swanee River’

On Wednesday, Sept. 23, we were running north from Ossining to Kingston and met a family of Swans off Peekskill at Jones Point. I know these birds are controversial but just suspend that for a minute … Read More

On patrol: Baby snapping turtle in Catskill Creek

… At least I think it’s a snapper. So cute now – so bad ass later. Read More

On patrol: Family of four at the Osprey nest

UPDATED: Another trip past the nest, another amazing sight. We spotted the Osprey family again Saturday on our way from Ossining to Piermont Pier to conduct water sampling and pick up samples. The f… Read More

On Patrol: Egret at Newtown Creek

We spotted this egret Tuesday during our patrol along Newtown Creek. When I see wildlife on the creek, it gives me hope. Nature is waiting for us to do the right thing – If we clean up the creek, wi… Read More

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