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Stop Polluters

… is dangerous to human health and to the aquatic life of the river.” Learn More Closing Indian Point After a landmark agreement in January 2017, Entergy will close Indian Point nuclear … Read More

U.S. Supreme Court Decides Riverkeeper Case

… be borne by industry. Several energy companies, including Entergy Corporation, owner of the Indian Point nuclear power plant in Buchanan, NY, petitioned the court to review the decision. On … Read More

11-24-08 Press release: Riverkeeper Will Argue Clean Water Act Case Before U.S. Supreme Court

… of this case. Riverkeeper’s senior attorney on power plants, Victor Tafur; lead attorney for the Indian Point relicensing case, Phillip Musegaas; and attorney Reed Super will be available to … Read More

Sampling for fish larvae with SUNY Stony Brook

… for fish larvae counts with the SUNY Stony Brook team when Clearwater sailed by between us and Indian Point. Damn environmentalists are everywhere. The Department of Homeland Security boat … Read More

Sampling for Fish Larvae

Photo by Alice DisonSampling for fish larvae off Indian Point with SUNY Stony Brook researchers. Read More

Radioactive contamination in shellfish studied

Photos by John Lipscomb Patrolled with Indian Point Policy Analyst Phillip Musegaas. We gathered clams from the bottom of the east end of … Read More

LDEO’s Acoustic Doppler Retrieved

Photos by John Lipsomb Off Indian Point to retrieve an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler for Lamont-Doherty. We deployed this … Read More

Australia News asking about Nuclear Power Plants

6/19/06 Off Indian Point with a film crew from the Australian Broadcast Corporation. Australian’s are … Read More

Riverkeeper Boat Log for May 2006

… “Sub-Bottom” sonar. Phillip Musegaas addembling the ADCP en-route to deploy at Indian Point. Columbia Environmental Law class on the East River Illegal dredging at the … Read More

What Happens When a Nuclear Reactor Shuts Down in Middle of a Pandemic?

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