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Protecting the Hudson from a threat worse than pollution

… and warming waters. The shad population crashed, and with it one of the Hudson’s last commercial fisheries, in 2010. A decade later, American shad have still not recovered, and future invasions … Read More

Policy Solutions 2021 Archive

Below you will find information on legislation from 2021. … Read More

Communities speak out on proposed Hughes Energy waste processing facility in the Catskills

… to human and ecological health Runoff associated with increased truck traffic Impacts on fisheries and ecology Impact on recreational fishing   A growing coalition of partners In … Read More

Hudson River Symposium: Making Sense of it All, Part five

… priority research areas? Report out from the invited sessions (10 min each): Planning Hudson River Fisheries Science – Jonathan Kramer, Ph.D. Ecosystem Research Perspective – Christopher … Read More

Hudson River Symposium: The Drivers of Change – The Science of Harvest, Part four

… of Hudson River fish species today. Schedule for part four of this five part series: Coastal Fisheries and Hudson River Anadromous Species (20 min). Isaac Wirgin, Ph.D. Managing Hudson River … Read More

Hudson River Symposium: The Drivers of Change – Physical Alterations, Part 2

… Morrison, President Hudson River Environmental Society Addressing Impacts of Power Generation on Fisheries Sustainability in the Hudson River (25 min). John Boreman, Ph.D. Morphological Changes to … Read More

Riverkeeper’s top 20 achievements 2010-2020

… Our second victory came in 2020, when we successfully petitioned the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission to revamp its approach to managing menhaden stocks. Now, these fish — which … Read More

2020 victories for the Hudson and your drinking water

… sea.” We helped score a big win for a critical species by petitioning the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission to revamp its approach to menhaden management. Menhaden, which sustain whales, … Read More

Dead and dying fish are being spotted by the hundreds along the Hudson

… have relayed information to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Bureau of Fisheries and assisted efforts to analyze the fish and determine the cause of mortality. The fish … Read More

Riverkeeper adopts a new Strategic Plan, reaffirming its commitment to communities and life in the Hudson River watershed

… climate. Riverkeeper’s growing commitment to habitat restoration, invasives control and better fisheries policy will help reverse generations of biodiversity losses. And Riverkeeper will fight … Read More
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