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Did swimming in a creek make these college students sick?

… seems mixed up on this point, stating at times that “Classification C is for waters supporting fisheries and suitable for non – contact activities” when the regulation states, “The … Read More

A breakthrough in protecting a critical fish species

… This week brought a big victory for the fish. In a unanimous vote, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission adopted a promising new approach in the management of Atlantic menhaden, a … Read More

Lawsuit launched targeting Trump Administration’s suspension of pollution monitoring

… pandemic. This follows confirmation from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and National Marine Fisheries Service that the EPA failed to contact the wildlife agencies to discuss how the policy … Read More

Amid federal rollbacks, NYS must act to protect streams, wetlands & wildlife

… discharges of toxic pollution into water bodies which will contaminate drinking water supplies, fisheries, recreational waters, and harm people, wildlife and animals exposed to this pollution. … Read More

Hudson River fish: The springtime procession

… to healthy rivers and protection in the open ocean, where they are being decimated by commercial fisheries intent on other species. Riverkeeper is advocating for these fishes in many ways, but we … Read More

Repairing America’s First River: Riverkeeper’s Campaign to Bring the Mighty Hudson Back to Life

When Henry Hudson first saw the Hudson River, it was teeming with fish. Now, many fisheries, factories and decades later, the Hudson’s entire migratory fish community is in … Read More

2019 victories for the Hudson and your drinking water

… moratorium on fishing them from Virginia waters, upholding a finding by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission that Virginia had not implemented a Chesapeake Bay harvest cap. Fostered clean … Read More

Statement on Governor Cuomo’s chlorpyrifos ban

… for protecting human health and life found in our rivers, lakes and oceans. The National Marine Fisheries Service in 2017 reported that adult and juvenile Atlantic sturgeon, which are listed as … Read More

Progress on protecting menhaden, striped bass

… economies of our states depend on healthy ecosystems to support recreational and commercial fisheries that are worth tens of billions of dollars and responsible for hundreds of thousands of … Read More

Striped bass mortality increases: fishing regs to change

… Management Board met in May 2019 and proposes measures for both the commercial and recreational fisheries to reduce total mortality by 18 percent to achieve a desired level in 2020. Member states … Read More
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