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Flushing Waterways VISION PLAN

… and a plan for how to overcome those barriers to achieve a unified vision. Link to report > Flushing Waterways Exec Summary > Together, Riverkeeper and the Guardians of Flushing Bay launched … Read More

Flushing Waterways Community Visioning Workshop

Join Riverkeeper and Guardians of Flushing Bay in creating a cohesive community vision for Flushing Waterways. With a long-term plan … Read More

Flushing Creek- Inner

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Flushing Creek- Northern Blvd

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Flushing Creek- Whitestone Expressway

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Flushing Creek- Mouth

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Flushing Bay- Pier 1

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Flushing Bay- World’s Fair Marina

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Flushing Bay- Inner Bay mouth

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Flushing Bay- Outer Bay mid-channel

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