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Join the Call for a Moratorium on Gas Drilling in New York

… there to visit residents whose lives have been permanently impacted from hydraulic fracturing (fracking) gas operations in the Marcellus Shale. Even after working on this issue for two years, … Read More

Riverkeeper Position Re DEC Decision to Exclude NYC and Syracuse Watersheds from Current GEIS Permitting Process

… on drilling in the NYC Watershed and support coalition efforts to make sure that not a single hydrofracking permit is issued anywhere in New York unless and until the State can credibly demonstrate … Read More

Industrial Gas Drilling: A New Year to Take Action

In late December, Riverkeeper submitted detailed comments on DEC’s Draft Supplemental Generic … Read More

Gas Drilling Update

… around the clock. Each day brings new stories of environmental problems associated with hydrofracking, a process that involves the use of a slurry of over 270 chemicals (guarded by the … Read More

Chesapeake Energy Takes a Step in the Right Direction by Choosing Not to Drill in the NYC Watershed

… IMPACTS: There are many environmental impacts associated with hydraulic fracturing, or “hydrofracking.” Among them are water consumption and wastewater disposal, use of toxic chemicals, … Read More

Attend NYC Council Hearing on Gas Drilling

… State’s recently issued draft environmental impact statement for hydraulic fracturing (“hydrofracking”) and is considering a resolution that calls on the state to prohibit hydrofracking in … Read More

Support Policy Solutions

… S.3835, remains in committee. Gas Drilling Riverkeeper opposes shale gas extraction by hydrofracking unless and until the industry can prove it CAN and WILL be done safely for both human … Read More

Safeguard Drinking Water

… New York City’s drinking water supply. Learn More Fracking Waste in New York New York has a fracking waste problem, despite the recent historic ban on high-volume fracking in the State. Since … Read More
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