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New Haven bans fracking

New NY rules allow continued use of fracking waste on roads, landfill dumping

… finalized solid waste regulations known as the Part 360 series which includes the management of fracking waste. The following is a joint statement from a coalition which has been leading the … Read More

Help Save the Environmental Law That Banned Fracking

We need your help to save the environmental review process that led to New York’s fracking ban. Under new regulations proposed by the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), … Read More

Amid Water Crises, Deadline Approaches for DEC on Fracking Waste

… and environmental organizations called on Governor Andrew Cuomo to complete his commitment to ban fracking, and to protect New York’s clean water, by directing his Department of Environmental … Read More

De Blasio signs Levin bill to ban fracking products

NYC Mayor signs milestone fracking waste bill

… or discharge of oil or natural gas waste products, including those created in the process of hydrofracking. It protects the city’s communities and safeguards the water by banning these wastes … Read More

Call & Ask Your City Council Member: Join Legislation Banning Fracking Waste in NYC

… held a very successful hearing on Int 446 banning the discharge, disposal, sale or use of fracking waste in New York City. This bill should become law. We now need your help to increase the … Read More

Riverkeeper Statement Regarding Dimock Fracking Lawsuit Outcome

… their well water with high levels of methane. Cabot Oil had drilled two natural gas “fracking” wells near their homes. The federal lawsuit—Scott Ely, et al. v Cabot Oil & … Read More

Pa. Families Win $4.24M Verdict In Cabot Fracking Trial

What is Fracking Waste

The process of extracting oil and natural gas using hydraulic fracturing (or fracking) produces large amounts of liquid and solid waste. This is true of high­volume frackingRead More
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