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EPA warns of dangers in the Gowanus Canal

VIDEO: Signs warn of risks of eating from Gowanus Canal

Go Ahead and Breathe the Gowanus Canal Air, But Don’t Swim In It: Report

It’s About Time! EPA begins removal of debris from toxic Gowanus Canal

Video: Weather Channel tours ‘ecological nightmare’ known as Gowanus Canal

… summer was The Weather Channel, reporting on the “ecological nightmare” known as the Gowanus Canal. Watch this Facebook Live video from July 1 to see Riverkeeper’s patrol boat … Read More

Video: Patrolling the Gowanus Canal

Riverkeeper regularly patrols the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn, and we sometimes bring members of the public along to see the pollution … Read More

Water advocacy group wants Gowanus Canal cleaned

Dyin’ gosling: These Gowanus Canal baby geese are going to die

Exclusive: Cleanup date for Gowanus Canal pushed back several years

Where to Put Sewage Tank Snags Gowanus Canal Cleanup

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