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The sad fate of the menhaden in the Hudson

Progress on protecting menhaden, striped bass

Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission is holding industry accountable over harvest limits for menhaden, and requiring circle hooks in angling for striped bass. With your help, we spoke up this … Read More

Protect Atlantic menhaden – Hold Omega Protein accountable

… place.” That’s essentially what Omega Protein is saying about its harvest of Atlantic menhaden, a vital forage fish for the Hudson River Estuary and the entire East Coast. Omega … Read More

NY Legislature passes menhaden bill: ‘The public is stepping up to protect these fish’

… seines,” the enormous nets being used by industrial fishing operations, to harvest Atlantic menhaden (also known as “bunker”) in New York State waters. The Assembly passed the measure on … Read More

Does Atlantic menhaden fishery deserve ‘sustainable’ label? Not so fast.

… driving the effort to win the Marine Stewardship Council’s sustainability label for the Atlantic menhaden fishery. Riverkeeper and our allies are trying to prevent this, given the vital role of … Read More

“Thousands and thousands” of Menhaden seen feeding at the mouth of Newtown Creek on 11/6/2014

… contacted John Waldman from CUNY Queens, migratory fish expert. “It’s a school of menhaden filter feeding.” I asked if he had seen or heard of them on Newtown Creek before….. … Read More

A breakthrough in protecting a critical fish species

ASMFC is shifting its approach to managing Atlantic menhaden, based on their role in the larger ecosystem. The use of ‘ecological reference points’ … Read More

Dead fish along the Hudson River: Why it’s happening and what it means

… and concerns, from Manhattan, Riverdale, Yonkers, and elsewhere. The widespread deaths of Atlantic menhaden, and possibly other species, are most likely the result of prolonged heat and lack of … Read More

Hudson River fish: The springtime procession

… they can fit into their mouths. In the river, stripers will feed on river herring and shad, but menhaden (bunker) are their preferred prey in marine and estuarine waters. This most favored fish … Read More

2019 victories for the Hudson and your drinking water

… from overfishing. Riverkeeper lobbied for a state law that targets overfishing for Atlantic menhaden by banning the use of enormous purse seine nets in state waters. We also mobilized the … Read More
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