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The Most Important Fish in the World

NYC sewage overflows kill thousands of fish

… was a milky, murky blue-green color – and Flushing Creek was filled with thousands of dead menhaden. Menhaden are saltwater herring that are also known as bunker, and have been celebrated … Read More

On patrol in some of NYC’s most troubled waters

… York City will have to bring this creek out of the 19th Century and into the 21st. If it does, the menhaden, bay anchovy and fourbeard rockling that are believed to spawn here in small numbers will … Read More

Stop denying evidence, NY; Start protecting sturgeon from bridge construction

… of 2002, when there was a multi-species die-off, and again in the spring of 2015, when there was a menhaden die-off. While neither of these die-offs involved high profile, well known, endangered … Read More

Did a cleaner Hudson River attract whales to NYC?

… climate change to “Sharknado.”) Accounts and photos are showing the whales feeding on menhaden, a herring-like fish. “My guess is for some reason there is just a high abundance … Read More

Riverkeeper’s 10 Biggest Victories in 2012

What a year! You gave Riverkeeper the ability tackle the biggest challenges facing our river and … Read More

A View to a (Fish) Kill: A Firsthand Perspective on Fish-killing Cooling Systems

… Fifty-seven species of fish were collected in impingement sampling. Atlantic silverside, Atlantic menhaden, mummichog, striped killifish, and winter flounder comprised more than 92 percent of the … Read More

Fish Kills Reported in the Hudson River South of Tappan Zee

… the kill is unknown, but estimated to be approximately several hundred fish, most all are Atlantic menhaden. Six large striped bass were also observed dead. All dead fish were observed in the area … Read More

Saving the River’s Fish

Saving Hudson River Fish For schools of migratory shad, sturgeon, river herring, blue crab, menhaden and striped bass, the Hudson is an unimpeded corridor from the Atlantic to their ancestral … Read More
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