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Protecting New York’s freshwater wetlands is now more important than ever

… and reduces treatment costs for communities. For example, wetlands can reduce the concentration of nutrients in water such as nitrogen and phosphorus, thereby reducing the likelihood of harmful … Read More

Let’s reinvigorate the Clean Water Act

… far from meeting the goal of making all waters safe for swimming. Diffuse sources of road salt, nutrients and other pollutants are degrading many of our streams and lakes. New contaminants from … Read More

More than $2 billion needed to fix Hudson River watershed sewers

… reduce costs and energy consumption by incentivizing conservation; harvesting heat, methane and nutrients from their treatment processes; and reusing water. These practices can be good for the … Read More

Climate Extreme: Drought imperils water quality

… Paltz to Kingston. Slow-moving water behind dams heats up and – when coupled with an overload of nutrients – allows for cyanobacteria to proliferate. These HABs can form toxins that put … Read More

As people flock to the water, parts of Wallkill and Rondout plagued by algal bloom

… and use the authority of the Clean Water Act to target those pollution sources. Major sources of nutrients in the Wallkill include treated sewage and farm fertilizers, and much of the Wallkill … Read More

NY plans to shrink its list of polluted water bodies. Here’s why that’s wrong.

… for years has advocated that New York State should update its water quality standards for nutrients and sewage indicators. However, when changes are made, the state must collect new data … Read More

Climate extremes and beach closures on the Hudson

… site on the Rensselaer Plateau, and drinking water quality degradation as excess sediment, nutrients and other pollutants are washed into reservoirs and rivers that serve as drinking water … Read More

Dead fish along the Hudson River: Why it’s happening and what it means

… The river’s underlying health also plays a role. Sewage pollution and fertilizer act as “nutrients” that fertilize phytoplankton and spur algae growth. Scientists have determined that … Read More

Hudson River fish: The springtime procession

… bass will readily devour them. Their carcasses play a critical role in cycling important marine nutrients into freshwater ecosystems. They are often maligned because of their presence in the … Read More

Mohawk River dams threaten drinking water quality and damage fish habitat

… Water slows at an impoundment, and the backed-up water warms at its surface. With the ample nutrients discharged by wastewater treatment plants, this creates an environment hospitable to … Read More

Tell Gov. Hochul to block invasive species at the Erie and Champlain canals
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