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Hudson River striped bass fishing – What you need to know

… informed.   UPDATE, May 15, 2023 Important news: Emergency action to change slot limits for striped bass On May 2, 2023, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) Striped BassRead More

Gobies Have Officially Invaded the Hudson River. That’s Bad News for Striped Bass

Progress on protecting menhaden, striped bass

… industry accountable over harvest limits for menhaden, and requiring circle hooks in angling for striped bass. With your help, we spoke up this year to protect a critical species of fish – … Read More

Striped bass mortality increases: fishing regs to change

Like it or not, change is coming for striped bass anglers all along the Atlantic Coast. In 2018, the benchmark stock assessment of … Read More

Join Our Fight to Protect Hudson River Fish from Indian Point!

… finding that closed-cycle cooling must be built at Indian Point, in order to fully protect striped bass, American Shad, river herring and other key Hudson River fish that have suffered … Read More

Ignoring public outcry, Holtec plans early radioactive release into Hudson that coincides with recreation and spawning seasons

… are gearing up to swim, fish, paddle and boat in the Hudson, and it could expose the population of striped bass and herring as it will coincide with the spawning of these and other fish in the … Read More

Fish, Swim, Drink in Ossining: Progress toward meeting Clean Water Act goals in the Act’s 50th anniversary year

… and Columbia University have gathered for years, and the state of signature fish species like striped bass, shad, and sturgeon. Download the flyer >  Read More

Matthew Best

… to monitor our important migratory fish species such as Atlantic sturgeon, shortnose sturgeon, striped bass, American eel, river herring and American shad. With Riverkeeper, Matthew is working … Read More

5 clean water lessons from Newburgh’s ‘boring machine’

… Newburgh’s waterfront that stretches to a stunning view of the Hudson Highlands, is a critical striped bass spawning area. Whether for aquatic life or the communities of people along its … Read More

Hudson Valley environmental organizations rally together as the Clean Water Act turns 50

… project from defacing the iconic beauty of the Hudson Highlands and destroying the river’s striped bass fishery. This campaign not only revived interest in the Hudson but in all of our … Read More
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