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Entero Sampling With the Sparkill Creek Alliance

Each month, the Riverkeeper Patrol Boat travels the entire length of the Hudson River conducting water quality sampling.  In recent years, we have begun to work with local groups to conduct sampling on tributaries that feed the Hudson.  This is a crucial endeavor in determining where exactly sewage contamination is occurring.

Sparkill Creek is a waterway that snakes through eastern Rockland County before it flows into the river via Piermont Marsh.  

Based on our sampling data, its sewage counts are consistently unacceptable.  Our collaborative presence on the Creek is crucial to its restoration.

Matt and Aleksandra sampling at Tappan Oak Tree Rd. 

Aleksandra and Matt sampling at the Jersey Arm section of the Sparkill.

Leaving the Sparkill with samples on ice.

 Captain Lipscomb explains incubation procedures for samples collected that day.

Learn more about Riverkeeper’s water quality sampling program.

Photos courtesy of Laurie Peak

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