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Hudson Sewage Pollution Report Released


Photo on left courtesy Paul Bastin
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Photo on left courtesy Paul Bastin

“How Is the Water?” report details sewage pollution findings in the Hudson and calls for actions to eliminate it

Today Riverkeeper released our second comprehensive report on sewage in the Hudson. We have been testing water quality along the 155-mile Hudson River Estuary since 2006 and have analyzed over 2300 samples to date.

We find that the Hudson continues to suffer from sewage contamination but the frequency and degree of contamination varies greatly location-by-location and at different times. You can see the water quality findings at each of our 74 Hudson sampling locations on our online database.

“How Is the Water?” compares regional water quality, in wet weather and dry, for the Capital District, Bear Mountain to Catskills, Westchester-Rockland and NY Harbor and the results may surprise you. We explain our water quality findings, discuss the different sources of the pollution, and provide concrete actions New York can take to reduce sewage contamination on our waterfronts. View Full Report

Summary of our key findings

  • Water quality varies location by location.
  • Water quality varies over time.
  • Sites vary in both the degree (how high is the sewage concentration), and the frequency (how often does it occur) of contamination.
  • Wet weather is a common trigger of sewage contamination.
  • Sewage contamination is often higher near the shoreline and at the confluence of tributaries.

Riverkeeper’s Action Agenda

  • Reinvest in Wastewater Infrastructure
  • Enforce Existing Water Quality Protection Laws
  • Improve NY State Water Quality Standards
  • Engage Citizens in Local Solutions
  • Start Frequent Water Quality Monitoring & Prediction
  • Notify the Public of Sewage Contamination

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