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Last patrol of 2013 – day 4 ( 4 photos)


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Catskill to Waterford:

Troy is working hard to make its waterfront more hospitable and attractive – with good success. The City has built a really nice new Riverfront Park and the Troy Downtown Marina is open for business and is trying hard to be the connection with the River for Troy.

But properties like the ones below are working against the City. Here is my recent report to DEC….

“Here is a photo taken 11/17/13 as I approached the Troy Lock northbound. Repeat offender. This is the same site which DEC enforced against when we saw the same dumping on a joint patrol in 2011. Also, I have historical images (film) from years ago when I first saw dumping down the bank here at the 4 story brick building located on River Street in Troy between Rensselaer Street and Jay Street. At the time I reported the dumping to the Rensselaer Co Sheriff Marine Unit and followed up by phone a number of times but no calls were returned.”

And another from our October patrol…

“10/23/13 – Just found another site where material is being dumped down the bank at Troy. This is from a property immediately south of 107th Street. The City has been doing a good job restoring the attractiveness of the waterfront. These guys doing this dumping are hurting the City’s image and the River. Two images inserted below.”

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