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Newtown Creek – Saturday 11/15/14

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We recently finished a three day patrol from Troy to the Battery with oil spill response experts from NYS DEC and U.S. Coast Guard aboard. The idea was to share information and give responders a firsthand look at the Estuary we are all charged with protecting. I think the patrol was successful — all of us came away with new information and with new appreciation for our relative perspectives, capabilities and responsibilities. In the event of a spill the response will be more informed and hopefully more effective.

After putting my last guests ashore at Pier 25 near the Battery, I ran home via the East River and Harlem River with an opportunistic patrol of Newtown Creek. There were quite a few Canada Geese there — I suppose resting on their migration. It was wonderful to see them. Before the industrial revolution the Creek was the heart of a giant salt marsh and must have teemed with migrating waterfowl every spring and fall. Twelve years ago, when we first patrolled the Creek, these birds would have been swimming in oil coated waters if they were foolish enough to land. But our continuing efforts, along with the work of many others, have stopped the chronic oil discharges into Newtown Creek. We have given back a little of what was taken. The Creek is not lost.

Good on you Riverkeeper.
Good on you Geese.

Newtown creek patrol11_18_14_blog

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