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Patrol boat repairs

Winter service. Repairing port side deck.

Other projects:
Sand and paint underside of wheelhouse to Sand and paint transom Remove and replace interior hull ceiling in head and main cabin to gain access to inside of hull planking.

Remove port and starboard windshields and fit temporary replacement. Full replacement windshields are on order for future installation.

Rot in deck, half beam, deck clamp and frame end on port side.

This was hidden by fiberglass deck sheathing and only a small of water was visible below deck. The water migrated to the joint in the plywood deck panel from under the toe rail at a fastener.

We’ll laminate the deck repair to eliminate the joint – creating one continuous panel.

Opening joint in plywood deck on port side after removing fiberglass deck sheathing.

The joint forward of this one has started to rot (above photo). We’re going to glue this one up so that there will be no seam for water to enter – it’ll all be one continuous panel.

I’m also refastening the entire port side deck forward of the working deck.

Petersen’s boatyard carpenter Lee Roach helping with deck repair.

He’s also replacing the interior hull ceiling so that we have access to the hull for future service. The old ceiling was nailed on and blocked access. The new pieces will be screwed on for ease of removal.

We need access to the inside of the hull planking to begin refastening the planking butts -see pattern of heavy fasteners through butt blocks.

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