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Pollution and sprawl appear along our shores

Photos by John Lipscomb4/11/07: Development in Middle Hope just north of Newburgh. There is a wetland on other side of the tracks. This is a perfect example of sprawl and poor land stewardship. We’ve been monitoring this development for three years but there has been no clear violation of the Clean Water Act.

Continued up to Poughkeepsie at Clinton Point with a Pace student to investigate a quarry owned by Tilcon. This is the 3rd student to work on the case. We are contesting the DEC’s permits for discharges into Hudson. This delta creek contains stone dust and gravel.

Stopped at site of new house construction between Manitou at Garrison. For some reason the builder decided to throw the demolition debris into the river – we are proceeding with enforcement.

Patrolled at Tomkins Cove and the Lovett Power Plant. Took some pictures of their yellow gunderboom which is a fish and larvae excluding curtain. This kind of set up is a poor substitute for closed cycle cooling. The gunderboom is open at the north end which entirely defeats the purpose of the boom. We have an attorney working on the case.

Tell Gov. Hochul to block invasive species at the Erie and Champlain canals
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