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Upper Hudson north of the Federal Dam at Troy

Photo by John Lipscomb
This photo was taken in July 2005

This is a photo was taken on the Upper Hudson – above the estuary – north of the Federal lock at Troy and north of Waterford and the Mohawk River.

We are looking north east. If the viewer turned left you would see the first lock of the Champlain Canal about a third of a mile north. If the viewer turned around 180 degrees you’d see a GE Silicones Plant discharge which has a pollution discharge permit from NYSDEC.

You can’t tell from the photo but there are 6 or 7 small flood plain islands ahead and to the left – below the dam at Lock 1. The one on the left (where the boats are tied up) is owned by a local boat club and is used for swimming and picnics. Straight ahead is Fiona Island which was donated to Riverkeeper several years ago and is preserved wild – as habitat. We anchor at this spot each month to check Fiona Island, collect water samples, etc. Fort Edward is about 30 miles farther north – at Lock 7. The General Electric PCB dredging will take place between here and Fort Edward.