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Watchdog Report: Hudson River Oil Slick at Beacon

On New Year’s Eve, watchdogs in Beacon observed an oil slick on the Hudson at Beacon and reported it to the local police department, which reportedly told the watchdogs there wasn’t much police could do. The watchdogs took photos documenting the spill, and the next day reported it to Riverkeeper.

Because wind and tides tend to move transient spills, as this one appears to be, there’s often little that can be done if authorities don’t respond quickly.

Riverkeepeer reported the spill to the Department of Environmental Conservation, but in this case, the more important result was public education. Riverkeeper informed the Beacon Police Department, the mayor’s office and the watchdogs about the DEC’s hotlines, so that authorities will know better how to respond to the next spill.

“It’s about giving people who care about the river the tools to do right by the river,” said Patrol Boat Capt. John Lipscomb.

If you see a spill or other harm to the river, take photos and report it by calling the DEC’s TIPP (Turn in Poachers and Polluters) hotline at 1-800-847-7332, or the DEC’s spill response hotline at 1-800-457-7362. Tell them you’re also informing Riverkeeper, and ask the DEC to follow up with you directly (provide your contact information).

You can also make a report to the DEC by email to [email protected]; be sure to attach your photos and cc Riverkeeper.

Then, follow up with Riverkeeper so we can follow up with the DEC. Call 1-800-21-RIVER ext. 247, email [email protected], or submit your report online.

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