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Welcome Citizen Sewage Watchdogs!

There is a trend afoot of citizen watchdogs witnessing and documenting the failure of their local sewage infrastructure. We applaud these people and encourage more to join their ranks!

One such watchdog, Andy Hudak, witnessed a massive sewage overflow when walking along the Saw Mill River in Yonkers after a heavy rain. His report of that sewage spill started a Riverkeeper investigation, which in turn led to a New York State investigation, into the failure of the sewage infrastructure in Westchester County, NY.

Another highly successful sewage watchdog action was this video documenting raw sewage flowing into the Gowanus Canal during a heavy rain.
This graphic video has been viewed more than 40,000 times at the time of this post. At Riverkeeper we happen to know that it has also gotten the attention of NY State and NYC officials, concerned about public opinion and growing concern over our failing wastewater infrastructure.

Here is a great example from Goshen, NY, of a planned sewage overflow documentary. These folks knew where to go in a rain event – to storm drains, manholes, pump stations and the waterways where the sewage overflows are dumped (like the Gowanus).

If the sewage infrastructure in your community is taxed to the point of failure, document it, post it and send us a link. We want to hear about it.
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