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Danskammer: Make your voice heard on March 31

DanskammerIn enacting the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, New York decided to fight climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions rapidly. That decision was ambitious and long overdue. By 2030, 70% of the state’s electrical load will be generated by sources of renewable energy, and we’ll see a zero-emission power grid by 2040.

In proposing to install new generators powered by fracked gas, or diesel fuel in a pinch, Danskammer Energy, LLC is disregarding this plan. With a typical lifespan, the proposed plant will be around well past 2040, and Danskammer lacks a concrete plan as to how it would comply with a zero emission power grid. Localized pollutants make the proposed plant bad news for local residents, and harmful carbon dioxide emissions makes it bad news for the climate. The good news is, there are two opportunities for you to push back on Wednesday, March 31 at 1 pm and 6 pm.

The State’s Board on Electric Generation Siting and the Environment wants to hear from you. It’s holding online public hearings on the Danskammer proposal on March 31 at both 1 pm and 6 pm. You’ll need to register by March 29, 2021 by 5 pm to have the opportunity to be heard:

To register, click on the “register” button at the bottom of the 1 pm hearing webpage or the 6 pm hearing webpage. To join the hearing online visit webex and click “Join a meeting.”

For the 1:00pm hearing
Event Number: 179 092 8137
Password: March31-1pm

For the 6:00pm hearing
Event Number: 179 962 6013
Password: March31-6pm

A PDF from the PSC describing how to attend the hearing and how to register to make a public statement is available here.

If you can’t attend the hearing, you can also submit official comments online, call the NYS DPS Opinion Line (1-800-335-2120), email the Secretary to the Siting Board, or mail your comments to the following address:

Hon. Michelle L. Phillips, Secretary
New York State Board on Electric Generation Siting and the Environment
Three Empire State Plaza
Albany, New York 12223-1350

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