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Citizens of Bronxville, Cortlandt, Mount Vernon, Peekskill, Yonkers and Yorktown: We need you!


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Photo: G.Chambers

Photo: G.Chambers

It is up to all of us to protect the natural beauty of the Hudson River and today is your chance to do your part: If you live in Bronxville, Cortlandt, Mount Vernon, Peekskill, Yonkers or Yorktown, we need you to call your Westchester County Legislator and ask them to protect the Palisades by supporting the resolution opposing the proposed LG Electronics office tower.

The majestic cliffs of the Palisades are a unique geological formation whose sweeping vistas have inspired countless visitors. They have been preserved by the hard work of previous generations and were designated as a National Natural Landmark in 1983. As of now, no building north of the George Washington Bridge rises above the tree line, preserving this landscape for all.

But LG Electronics threatens to change that. It is intent on taking advantage of this spectacular view by building a 143-foot tall office building. This tower will rise high above the tree line and far exceed the 35-foot limit respected by other companies in the area, spoiling the view for everyone but themselves.

The good news is that mounting public pressure is making a difference! In late June, the mayor of Englewood – where the tower is proposed – made a public plea for compromise. And there is room for compromise. LG has enough property to build an office that respects the 35-foot limit without losing any jobs or space.

Ask Westchester County to join the growing coalition fighting to protect the Palisades. Call your Legislator and let them know you support the resolution opposing LG Electronics high-rise tower. The vote on the resolution takes place on Monday the 14th.

John Testa, District 1 (Peekskill, Yorktown, Cortlandt)- 914-995-2828
Bernice Spreckman, District 14 (Yonkers, Mount Vernon)-914-995-2815
Gordon Burrows, District 15 (Yonkers, Bronxville)-914-995-2830
To contact the Board of Legislators directly: 914-995-2800

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