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Preventing a Crude Oil Spill on the Hudson (Recorded Webinar)

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Watch this important webinar, “Preventing a Crude Oil Spill on the Hudson” from March 26, featuring Riverkeeper’s Watershed Program Director Kate Hudson and Hudson River Program Director Phillip Musegaas. Kate and Phillip provide background on the “virtual pipeline” for crude oil that snakes thousands of miles by rail, barge and ship from oil fields in North Dakota and elsewhere, through the Hudson Valley to refineries on the east coast. They then discuss the specific potential impacts to the Hudson River and our local communities, as well as a discussion of what Riverkeeper and our allies are currently doing, and what YOU can do to make a difference.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this webinar, please direct them to Community Outreach Coordinator, Dana Gulley, at [email protected].

00:01-03:07 Introduction
03:08-05:41 What is Crude Oil?
05:42-08:05 Bakken Crude vs. Tar Sands Crude
08:06-09:58 Crude Oil “Virtual Pipeline”
09:59-12:37 Increase in Bakken Crude Oil Production and U.S. Rail Shipments
12:38-13:59 Key “Virtual Pipeline” Companies in New York
14:00-16:11 Crude Oil Transport By Train (DOT-111 Tank Cars)
16:12-17:13 DERAILMENTS/ACCIDENTS: Lac-Megantic, Quebec
17:14-18:22 DERAILMENTS/ACCIDENTS: Aliceville, Alabama
18:23-19:13 DERAILMENTS/ACCIDENTS: Casselton, North Dakota
19:14-20:14 Crude Oil Spilled by Rail in U.S. (1975-2012 vs. 2013 alone)
20:15-21:02 MARINE OIL SPILLS: Mississippi River
21:03-22:25 MARINE OIL SPILLS: Galveston Bay
22:26-24:10 Crude by Train in the Hudson Valley
24:11-26:20 Crude on the Hudson
26:21-28:09 Crude Oil Risks to the Hudson River
29:10-29:21 New York State “Virtual Pipeline” Rail Accidents since December 2013 (Five Accidents)
29:22-31:47 Hudson River at Risk, What’s at Stake?
31:48-33:04 Hudson Valley Communities at Risk
33:05-33:35 Public Health at Risk, Drinking Water
33:36-34:22 Economy at Risk, Hudson Valley Tourism
34:23-35:40 Riverkeeper’s Position
35:41-36:54 Government Response to Risk
36:55-38:34 DEC Takes Important Step
38:35-39:03 What Still Needs to Be Done
39:04-39:20 What Riverkeeper Is Doing
39:21-40:00 What Can You Do?
40:01-End Questions

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