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Riverkeeper joins regional climate action group in a Day of Action

Today, Riverkeeper joined in a Day of Action rally for #Rise2Resilience, a coalition of more than 80 community groups, scientists, labor unions, lawmakers, and concerned community members working to protect people and wildlife in our region from the impacts of climate change. Riverkeeper’s Director of Advocacy and Engagement represented Riverkeeper today’s rally. See her recorded comments about the movement and read her transcribed remarks, below.

Riverkeeper — which protects and restores the Hudson River from source to sea and safeguards drinking water supplies, through advocacy rooted in partnerships, science and law — is proud to rise today as part of the #Rise2Resilience coalition because in the fight against climate change, coastal storm flooding, and sea level rise we have to center the voices of our communities, especially the front line, lower socio-economic, Black, brown and, indigenous communities if we are going to address this existential threat with the kinds of solutions that can meet the needs of the people, the environment, and the ecosystems including our waterways.

The federal government, in the form of the Army Corps of Engineers had been studying alternatives to addressing some of these problems for almost two years. And then Congress decided not to fund them any more. Of course their study was missing really important elements like adequately addressing sea level rise and threats to ecosystems. And they were doing a really bad job at meaningfully centering or even listening to the voices of affected communities. But many of us here, and beyond, were working to improve the study.

The Corps left without finishing its study let alone implementing any protections. So now figuring out what comes next is more important than ever, as we’re reminded on this rainy tropical storm day in the midst of hurricane season barely more prepared than we were when Superstorm Sandy hit.

Riverkeeper is rising today to join with all of you to make sure that our local, state, and federal representatives prioritize funding a comprehensive study that will develop a science-driven, multi-faceted, resilient coastal infrastructure plan with natural and nature-based solutions that is driven by science, and by robust community engagement and expertise and will be built and maintained through local jobs so our region is prepared and our communities and ecosystems are protected moving into the future.