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New York Times Editorial: Too Fast on Drilling

Today’s editorial in The New York Times highlights the very same concerns Riverkeeper has been raising regarding New York’s failure to commit to issuing regulations before permits and the inadequate proposal for protecting the NYC drinking water supply in its revised fracking environmental impact statement:

 Gov. Andrew Cuomo has long vowed that extraction of natural gas reserves with hydraulic fracturing in New York State will not ‘come at the expense of human health or have adverse environmental impacts.’ It will be hard to keep that promise if his administration moves too fast in permitting such drilling into deep shale formations. It must not rush the process of creating detailed regulations that will be crucial to reducing risks to the environment.”

The editorial board of one of our nation’s largest media outlets has joined our clarion call to New York State to put the brakes on the rush to fracking. We are being heard and we are gaining momentum. This piece shows that all of our voices matter in this fight.  Are you listening Governor Cuomo and Commissioner Martens?

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