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Virtual Rally September 6, 4 to 8pm: #180daysforNY


Photo courtesy Giles Ashford
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Photo courtesy Giles Ashford

Tell Gov. Cuomo & NY’s Environmental Agency: 60 Days is Not Enough!

Join us for a virtual rally on September 6th from 4 to 8 pm to tell Governor Cuomo and the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) how you feel about dirty gas drilling and hydraulic fracturing or “fracking.”

Although DEC Commissioner Martens and Governor Cuomo will make an official announcement on the comment period when they release the fracking environmental impact review next week, we want you to make one final push for a longer comment period! Using the form below, please tell Governor Cuomo and the Department of Environmental Conservation that New Yorkers need more time to review the state’s proposed fracking environmental impact statement.

We will update you next week if DEC announces a longer comment period before the rally. In the meantime, please plan to participate in this action!

Fracking is a dangerous industrial process that could contaminate New York’s water and pollute our communities for generations to come. The failure to to responsibly slow down the state’s efforts to oversee this industry could have disastrous effects on our drinking water, economy and health in the future.

With your help, New Yorkers can get Governor Cuomo’s attention and help him understand that what he chooses to do about dirty gas drilling and fracking will leave a lasting legacy.

See instruction below on the appropriate tags for Facebook and Twitter


How to tag Riverkeeper and Governor Cuomo in your Facebook Status:

Step 1: Log Into Facebook, (make sure you “Like” both YOUR PAGE and Governor Cuomo’s facebook pages). Or you can simply post to Governor Cuomo’s page:

Step 2: Type sample group: @Riverkeeper into your status. (Be sure not to put a space between @ and O)

Step 3: When the Riverkeeper Page appears below your status hit the down arrow so that it’s highlighted in blue. Hit enter.

Step 4: Repeat steps 2 and 3 for adding @Governor Cuomo into your status

Step 5: Add your message.

Step 6: Click “Share”!

Or – simply friend Governor Andrew Cuomo or “Like” him on Facebook and write a message on his wall! Then report back to us that you posted a comment!

SAMPLE FACEBOOK MESSAGE: 60 days is not enough time to review NY’s fracking review. New Yorkers deserve 180 days to review this huge document. Governor Cuomo, your actions on fracking will determine your legacy!


When using Twitter use the hashtag #180daysforNY and #fracking

Tell the Governor directly about your concerns about fracking by tweeting him @NYGovCuomo!

Sample tweets:

@NYGovCuomo #60daysnotenough for #fracking review! We need #180daysforny!

@NYGovCuomo What is the #fracking rush? We need #180daysforNY!

@NYGovCuomo New Yorkers deserve 180 days for #fracking review! #180daysforNY

@NYGovCuomo 60 days for #fracking is not enough. #180daysforNY

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