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Riverkeeper to challenge NRC’s approval of Indian Point license transfer to Holtec

Group will join the NYS Attorney General in challenging NRC’s approval.


NRC gave in to industry despite overwhelming concerns about license.


Indian Point license transfer

Once again, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has acquiesced to industry and dismissed all challenges against the transfer of Indian Point Energy Center to Holtec International, including Riverkeeper’s contention raising Holtec’s unfitness to hold the license. In response, Attorney General Letitia James has filed suit against the NRC denial of the State’s contention. Riverkeeper similarly intends to appeal the denial of our contention. We will also press our claims at the State Public Service Commission.

Despite the many legitimate concerns raised by local, state, and other interested groups, the NRC has refused to examine the issues more closely and instead finalized its approval of the transfer. The decision brushed aside Holtec’s history of lies, bribes, and risk taking by claiming a lack of connection between these past actions to the new Holtec subsidiaries formed to hold the license or this specific license transfer. To accept the NRC’s reasoning would essentially allow Holtec, or any other company, to erase its past wrongdoing from consideration by simply creating a new business entity.

In the face of the NRC’s repeated failure to protect the public interest, the need for strong oversight from New York State is made ever clearer. Riverkeeper urges the State to ensure the decommissioning of Indian Point is conducted safely, prudently, and in the best interests of New Yorkers. We commend Governor Cuomo’s recent action to move the State’s efforts along by firmly recognizing the Public Service Commission’s continued jurisdiction throughout the decommissioning process, and the need for a decommissioning oversight board. Now more than ever, Riverkeeper will be closely watching Holtec, the NRC, and the State to protect the best interests of the environment and community at all times.

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