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Riverkeeper issues comments on Indian Point’s inadequate license transfer proposal

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Indian PointOn March 25, Riverkeeper submitted our comments opposing the proposed license transfer of the Indian Point Energy Center and called for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to also reject Holtec’s Post-Shutdown Decommissioning Activities Report (PSDAR).

Not only does Holtec’s history show that it is a bad actor not fit to hold Indian Point’s license, but its PSDAR only reinforces Holtec’s tendency to cut corners in favor of maximizing profits. As we described before, Holtec’s PSDAR is inadequate in almost all respects and it fails to meet its four purposes:

  • Inform the public of the Licensee’s planned activities;
  • Assist in the scheduling of NRC resources necessary for the appropriate oversight activities;
  • Ensure that the Licensee has considered all the costs of the planned decommissioning activities and has considered funding for the decommissioning process;
  • Ensure that the environmental impacts of the planned decommissioning activities are bounded by those considered in existing environmental impact statements.

The PSDAR lacks important information necessary to fulfill its informative functions and form a basis for a sound cost-estimate and environmental analysis. In addition, the PSDAR is procedurally flawed, presenting hurdles for the NRC ability to review the plan properly. The information that is provided shows that all financial risk is shifted to the public who would likely bear any financial shortfalls, while Holtec will make a significant profit regardless if the decommissioning is complete. Holtec will request an exemption to use the decommissioning trust funds for non-decommissioning purposes and then pocket all reimbursements received from the Dept. of Energy for those same expenses.

Even in these uncertain times, Riverkeeper continues the critical fight to protect our environment and ensure the safe, efficient decommissioning of the dangerously antiquated Indian Point facilities for decades to come. While many things may have been delayed, Indian Point’s unit 2 is still on track to close April 30 and the license transfer proceedings continue to move forward.
Want to stay involved while at home? Submit a comment on the license transfer at the state level, now scheduled for May 7th.

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