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Member Spotlight: Judi and Char


“In Sleepy Hollow, the River is a part of our lives - it’s a unifying force for the community”
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Neighbors, Riverkeeper Members, and Sweep co-Leaders Judi and Char aren’t sure exactly how they first met, but they know they quickly connected over walking their dogs along the waterfront in Sleepy Hollow. Last spring, after participating in the Annual Riverkeeper Sweep at a number of other local sites, Judi approached Char about teaming up to host a new Sweep site at Horan’s Landing. They were thrilled to have local Scouts join their cleanup, and were moved by their enthusiasm and excitement to care for their shorelines.

Judi and Char

“In Sleepy Hollow, the River is a part of our lives – it’s a unifying force for the community”

The co-leaders see Sweep as an opportunity for their community to come together for good and spark even more action to protect the environment. After participating in Sweep, many volunteers say they notice litter more often, think about how they can use fewer disposable products, and make it a habit to clean up their parks and shorelines all year round. Judi and Char echoed these sentiments, even though their dogs seem annoyed when they stop to pick up trash on walks!

Like many Riverkeeper members and volunteers, Riverkeeper is just one of a number of organizations they actively support. Judi is a member of the Sleepy Hollow Environmental Advisory Committee and Char volunteers for the Kids’ Club and the Historical Society of Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown. Both are active in their village’s Climate Smart Communities Task Force, and are aiming to gain silver status in the program.

When asked why she supports Riverkeeper, Judi shared that “Everything Riverkeeper does is important, but your work on climate change is especially important to me, personally. I have three kids in their twenties, and I want to do my part to ensure their lives aren’t filled with climate change related disasters.”

Char moved to Sleepy Hollow from the Philadelphia suburbs, and was initially attracted to Riverkeeper’s work through her fascination with the Hudson’s sturgeon. “We have these two species out in the River, and they’ve been here since the dinosaurs, and they’re still here now!” They’ve been through so much, and we have a responsibility to protect this incredible, and endangered, species.

When asked what they wanted to share with other Riverkeeper members and members-to-be, Judi recommended getting out and enjoying the Hudson River, and taking the time to learn what they can do in their lives to give back and protect it. Char agreed, reminding us that it is important to recognize how precious and unique the Hudson River is.

Char and Judi are appreciative of Riverkeeper for helping them understand how they can make a difference, and giving them the tools they need to make an impact. But Riverkeeper wouldn’t be able to do this work without them and thousands of other Riverkeeper members, volunteers, partners, and local activists who provide the resources that make all of our programs possible. We are deeply grateful for their membership and their leadership in the Annual Riverkeeper Sweep!

You can join Judi and Char at their Sweep site at Horan’s landing or another site (we have over 100 to choose from) along the Hudson River and its connected waterways on Saturday, May 6. Visit to find a Sweep site near you and register to participate.

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