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Take to the Streets: Join us Sunday at People’s Climate March NYC

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Watch my video invitation
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Watch my video invitation

Watch my video invitation

At Riverkeeper, we don’t back down from a fight. We don’t pull our punches and we do whatever it takes to win.

Right now big polluters and their high-powered PR firms and lobbyists are busy convincing world leaders that preventing climate change will be too costly. That is a dirty lie. Inaction and delay on solutions add up in both dollars and lives — and Riverkeeper is taking to the streets Sept. 21 for the People’s Climate March to demand action. (Check out my statement in the NY Daily News.)

We’ve taken on the fight against crude oil transport down the Hudson, GE’s PCB legacy, and Indian Point nuclear plant. Yet nothing comes close to the challenges we face from climate change. Sea level rise threatens to swallow our Hudson River communities, destroy Hudson Valley farmland and devastate our treasured wildlife.

Under business as usual, New York State is projected to have the climate that Georgia currently has by 2100. We cannot let that happen. Now is the tipping point and now is the time for action.

Climate change is shaping up as our toughest fight ever, and Sept. 21 marks a new chapter in the struggle to hold politicians and polluters accountable for this crisis. I need you to join me and our Waterkeeper Alliance partners at the People’s Climate March in NYC. We will gather at 10 a.m. at 72nd Street and Central Park West. Look for the large Waterkeeper Alliance Banner seen here.water keeper alliance

No fight of this magnitude, from civil rights to the Vietnam War protests to the battle for stronger environmental laws, ever succeeded without people taking to the streets. This is our greatest fight, and we need our greatest weapon – you.

Join us for the most important action we’ve ever asked you to take. Buses, trains and rideshares are rolling in from every part of New York State and we need you to get on the move. Sign up RIGHT NOW to march with us at 72nd and Central Park West at 10 a.m., and put on your navy blue shirts. See you there!

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