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Will Fracking Worsen Climate Change?

fracking rig

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Like we keep saying: the more you know about fracking, the more you’ll say “no way.”

The latest proof: federal officials just released a startling new study proving that fracking will worsen our climate crisis, contrary to claims by frack-apologists.

The truth, according to the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration [NOAA], is that methane leakage rates from fracking are 9% – roughly four times higher than the rate necessary to make fracking climate-friendly.

This comment from a leader of the federal study team lays it right on the line: “We were expecting to see high methane levels, but I don’t think anybody really comprehended the true magnitude of what we would see.”

How will the pro-frackers spin this new evidence that fracking is bad for the climate [as well as public health and our water and air resources]? Whatever they say, we all need to push back!

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