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NYS Senate approves $5 billion Clean Water Bond Act of 2018

The New York State Senate approved the Clean Water Bond Act of 2018, which at $5 billion, would be the state’s largest-ever bond measure.

The Clean Water Bond Act would provide $5 billion “for the single purpose of preserving, enhancing, restoring and improving the quality of the state’s water.”

This is the Senate’s bid for making history on top of history, as it follows the approval in April of the Clean Water Infrastructure Act, a $2.5 billion investment in clean water projects.

These investments are the largest in a generation. In 1965, voters approved the Pure Waters Bond Act, providing $1 billion for wastewater infrastructure. That’s $7.71 billion in today’s dollars, adjusted for inflation.

That level of investment is needed, with investments in water infrastructure alone expected to top $80 billion over 20 years, and the costs of protecting drinking water at its source still largely unassessed.

New York State is a national leader in restoring water quality through investments in wastewater infrastructure, and to protecting drinking water at its source. Riverkeeper enthusiastically applaud the Senate’s passage of the Clean Water Bond Act, and we urge the Assembly and Governor to bring this historic bond act to the voters. Those who swim, boat and fish; the wildlife that depends on clean water – and all of us who rely on clean drinking water, should thank the Senate for this important vote.

The Bond Act was approved by the Senate on the day the 8 Bridges Hudson River swimmers started the longest open water swim event in the world – the seventh time this incredible event has taken place in the Hudson River. Today, the swimmers will struggle against tide and current from Kingston to Poughkeepsie, the same stretch of river that more than 100,000 people in seven municipalities rely on for drinking water.

Swimmers enter the water in Poughkeepsie in June, for the 2 Bridges Swim Under the Walkway, the first open water swim event of the season. (Photo by Capri Djatiasmoro)

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