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Wallkill River Watershed Alliance 2017 Boat Brigade schedule announced

Wallkill River Watershed Alliance Boat Brigade. (Photo by Dan Shapley / Riverkeeper)

The Wallkill River Watershed Alliance, in partnership with New Paltz Kayaking Tours, will host a third year of public paddles on the Wallkill River. Boat Brigades are kayak outings designed both to enjoy and celebrate the river, and to investigate and report any problems that are observed.

Please bring a small notebook and pen, a phone with GPS and camera if you feel comfortable (recognizing that you will be on the water, and are responsible for your own property). Also wear footwear that allows portage in shallow water. Be aware that you are responsible for your own safety.

Hudson River Valley Ramble event
Wallkill River Twin Island Paddle

Sunday, Sept. 17 9 a.m.
Meet at 206 River Road in Walden.
Details at:
To register, email [email protected]
For information, call 845-313-3725

The Ulster County, you may bring your own boat, or reserve one from New Paltz Kayaking Tours. Owner Craig Chapman, an Alliance member and supporter, can be reached at 845-594-6353. The schedule is as follows, with all events taking place at 5:30 p.m. on Thursdays:

  • Thursday, May 18: Popps Memorial Park, Wallkill (Town of Shawangunk)
  • Thursday, June 15: Sojourner Truth Park, New Paltz
  • Thursday, July 20: DEC Boat Launch, Springtown Road, Rosendale
  • Thursday, August 17: Popps Memorial Park, Wallkill (Town of Shawangunk) NOTE: The bridge into Wallkill is being repaired. If you need to cross to reach the park on the East side of the Wallkill, cross at Walden to the south or Galeville to the north.

In Orange County, all events are Bring Your Own Boat (unless otherwise noted), and will take place at 9 a.m. on Sundays. For questions about Orange County paddles, please contact Archie at [email protected]. These are the departure points:

  • Sunday, May 28: Thomas Bull Memorial Park (Town of Montgomery)
  • Sunday, June 25: Thruway Shopping Center Plaza (78 Oak Street) in Walden
  • Sunday, July 23: Wallkill National Wildlife Refuge (Oil City Road/State Line Road, at the NY/NJ state line)
  • Sunday, August 20: Tire Pull. Middletown boat launch (E. Main Street, near corner of Phillipsburg Road, near Crystal Run healthcare facility) Volunteers needed! Trucks to move boats, rowers to row them, as well as people who do the cleanup (and get very wet and dirty in the process) are all needed. Wear Boots, waders and gloves. Small shovels and rope, also a good idea. Contact Arthur Cemelli in advance please to say how you are able to assist- 845-590-7349.


Riverkeeper is supporting the effort by providing stream walk resources, assisting in reports of pollution concerns, and in communications.

To learn more, visit or follow the Wallkill River Watershed Alliance on Facebook.