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Water Infrastructure Snapshot: Rondout Creek


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At the annual Rondout Creek Watershed Summit, which Riverkeeper convened in collaboration with local partners, we presented some initial analysis of wastewater infrastructure needs in the watershed. Riverkeeper is working on a water quality and infrastructure report for the Rondout-Wallkill watershed, the largest tributary to the Hudson River Estuary. Water quality in the creek is important not only for the health of wildlife and the swimmers and others who enjoy the creek, but because the creek reaches the Hudson just upstream from the drinking water intakes that serve more than 100,000 people.

At least $87 million is needed to invest in New York State wastewater treatment plants that discharge to the Rondout-Wallkill watershed, according to an analysis of projects that communities have proposed for state or federal funding assistance. The good news is that there is more money both from Washington and Albany to assist communities make needed investments. The Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) was increased by 25% in the latest federal budget, and in 2017 New York State approved the Clean Water Infrastructure Act, providing $2.5 billion over five years for water infrastructure improvements and other clean water priorities.

The following charts describe information about wastewater treatment plants in the non-tidal portion of the Rondout Creek, excluding Kingston and the Wallkill River.

Some of the abbreviations in the charts above include:

  • GPD – gallons per day
  • CDBG – Community Development Block Grant (a federal grant program)
  • EPG – Engineering Planning Grant (a NYS program)
  • NY Rising – A state flood resiliency program
  • I&I – inflow and infiltration (a common problem associated with old pipes, when rain or groundwater enters sewer pipes, often resulting in overflows)



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