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Flushing Waterways VISION PLAN

Flushing Waterway The bay and boardwalk are just beyond CitiField. The bay offers fantastic views and is home to thousands of human powered boaters, including Dragon Boats!

Flushing Waterways have a Long Term Control Plan and an MS4 permit.

What does an LTCP and MS4 permit mean for the waterways? There is a massive amount of ongoing pollution in Flushing Waterways, 2.4 Billion gallons of untreated sewage each year. The LTCP and the MS4 permit provide solutions and opportunities for reduction of stormwater and sewage pollution in the waterways.

The community uses the waterways today, but the LTCP will not be fully realized until at least 2038. Let’s make these waters safe and clean for people and the ecological systems today!

The time for a unifying vision for Flushing Waterways is Now.

What will the waterways look like in the years to come? Riverkeeper conducted a community visioning workshop where thoughts where shared on remediation, restoration, recreation, and resilience. We collected vital information that will contribute to the vision plan for the waterways.

Have an idea for us? Add your feedback, add your vision, here >

Reach out to Riverkeeper’s Chrissy Remein, Project Coordinator for this visioning plan, with any questions, input, or ideas for the future of Flushing waterways.
Chrissy Remein:

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