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Newtown Creek VISION Plan

Newtown Creek is a 3.8 mile waterway border between Brooklyn and Queens, and a federally designated Superfund site with a long history of industrial pollution and environmental neglect. Each year, billions of gallons of raw sewage flow into the creek. The creek is identified as a Significant Maritime and Industrial Area’ and lies in close proximity to numerous neighborhoods.

Newtown Creek

Newtown Creek is an EPA Superfund site and will have a Long Term Control Plan (LTCP).

What is a Superfund and what is an LTCP? Under the ongoing EPA Superfund program and NYC’s LTCP there are resources made available to remediate both legacy toxins and ongoing sewage pollution that pose risks to human health and ecological systems of the Creek.

The time for a unifying vision for Newtown Creek is Now.

What will the creek look like in the years to come? Riverkeeper conducted a community visioning workshop where thoughts were shared on remediation, restoration, recreation, and resilience. We collected vital information that will contribute to the vision plan for the waterways.

Have an idea for us? Add your feedback, add your vision, here >

Reach out to Riverkeeper’s Chrissy Remein, Project Coordinator for this visioning plan, with any questions, input, or Ideas for the future of Newtown Creek.
Chrissy Remein:

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