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Hudson River Anchorages



The U.S. Coast Guard solicitation of public comments closed on December 6th, 2016 on an industry proposal to establish a large number of new anchorages for commercial vessels in the Hudson River — 43 berths in 10 locations from Yonkers to Kingston, comprising more than 2,400 acres.

Industry says this dramatic expansion is necessary for safety. But it’s really about expanding industrial use of the River – especially for crude oil transport. The anchorage request comes amid a number of efforts to significantly increase the use of the Hudson as an oil shipping hub.

Several accidents and spills around the country clearly show that crude oil cannot be recovered or cleaned up if it is spilled into a moving water body like the Hudson. And crude oil is poison for life in the river.

The plan would clearly have a range of far-reaching environmental impacts including the increased potential for oil spills, “scarring” of the river bottom from anchors and anchor chains, which could affect endangered sturgeon and other species, and noise and light pollution from certain barges. Please get informed using the links below.


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“It’s not about safety. It’s not about jobs here in New York. This is about moving crude oil along the Hudson. The benefits aren’t there for us, but the potential costs are horrific.”
– Paul Gallay, President and Hudson Riverkeeper

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