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Through advocacy, prevention, community education and stewardship, Riverkeeper is working towards a trash-free Hudson. Our annual day of service, Riverkeeper Sweep, has become a catalyst for sustained, year-round action. Recognizing that our local trash and marine debris is part of a global problem, we are expanding our efforts to stem the tide.

Trash enters the Hudson River and its tributaries from a variety of sources. Among these are litter picked up in wet weather and carried through storm drains, illegal dumping, and littering. Ultimately litter flows into the Atlantic Ocean contributing to a global problem known as marine debris. Marine debris harms wildlife threatens public health and impacts the economic vitality of Hudson River communities.

Riverkeeper is addressing this problem through volunteer opportunities, partnerships, and engagement with local, state and federal officials and agencies. This portal offers an introduction to marine debris pollution in the Hudson River and beyond. To learn more about this issue click on the sections below and take action.

  • Riverkeeper Sweep: Annual Day of Service for the Hudson

  • Debris Profile: What do we find?

  • Health, Economy, and RecreationImpacts on Humans

  • Marine Debris Pollution ThreatImpacts on Wildlife

  • Fighting Pollution from DC to City Hall to Hudson River ShoresWhat is Riverkeeper doing?

  • Prevention, Advocacy, Cleanup, Raise Awareness.What YOU Can Do

  • Follow the Lead of NYC, Albany, Ulster, and Putnam CountiesPass a Law in Your Community

  • Dive inResources to Learn More

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