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Winter Repairs: Eight Weeks In

Lots of time in the shop milling.

Some new pieces being dry fit – Happy Day.

Chris removing plank fasteners to then remove rotten transom frame

Out comes the bad frame. Rest in Peace.

Luke Illian, carpenter working with Chris, making new white oak transom frame.

Dry fitting new frame

Repairing split top ends of transom framing. 
Original builders split them with fasteners, should have predrilled.

Luke feeding the planner. Making battens which will become new deck edge.
Finishing a piece of new ceiling stock. 
Luke just breaks the sharp milled edge with a plane.

Checking that cut was “fair”

Fussy Chris…’d think he was building the Space Shuttle

Milling yields a bunch of stock ready to fit

And a pile of shavings and sawdust

Luke fitting new ceiling strakes

New ceiling dry fit at transom. 

And you thought we would never start putting things back together.
Now all we need is planking on the outside!