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Welcome to Riverkeeper’s Action Center!


Stream protections pass the Assembly, protect wetlands

Urge your state legislators to support Governor Cuomo’s proposal for protecting large wetlands.




Tell your reps to close the hazardous waste loophole

We need your help to end the loophole that allows the oil and gas industry to avoid hazardous waste requirements. Please write to your representatives today.



Tell NYS: Save the Hudson. Reject storm barriers

Let the Hudson flowUrge state leaders to step up and do what the federal government cannot, or will not do: Reject the barriers. Protect the Hudson. Come up with real solutions that address flooding from sea level rise not just from storm surge.



Stop Holtec’s bribes, lies, and risk taking

Indian PointTell Entergy and Governor Cuomo to halt Entergy’s transfer to Holtec. Demand that they select a company that is actually prepared to do the Indian Point decommissioning.

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Keep the Hudson River flowing!

American Rivers has named the Hudson among America’s Most Endangered Rivers, citing the grave threat that the potential construction of storm-surge barriers could pose to this rich tidal estuary.



Tell Congress: Don’t Cut the EPA’s Budget

LandfillPresident Trump is proposing to slash the EPA’s budget again by nearly a third, after having previous attempts to gut the agency rejected by Congress, twice. Tell your federal representatives: Trump’s proposal to slash EPA funding flushes common sense down the drain.


Report Dead Sturgeon

Atlantic and shortnose sturgeon are protected by the Endangered Species Act, and New York has committed to limiting impacts on these fish throughout the construction of the Tappan Zee Bridge project. Riverkeeper is carefully monitoring the process, and we’ve retained the right to enforce the permit requirements designed to protect sturgeon if sturgeon are being harmed. Be watchful when visiting the river, and make timely and thorough reports if you observe a dead sturgeon.

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Keep the Hudson River flowing!
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