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Riverkeeper welcomes Governor Cuomo’s plan to “go bigger” on clean energy

OSSINING, NY — Riverkeeper welcomes New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s proposed initiatives to go further than ever before in establishing the Empire State as a national leader in clean energy and reducing our reliance on fossil fuel-generated power by:

  • ending the use of coal statewide,
  • dedicating $200 million for sorely needed battery storage development,
  • expanding carbon dioxide reduction requirements to cover small fossil fuel power plants,
  • providing 10,000 low-income New Yorkers with community solar subscriptions at no cost, and
  • beginning the process of procuring 800 megawatts from offshore wind resources.

“We especially appreciate the Governor’s growing commitment to energy efficiency,” said Riverkeeper President Paul Gallay. “Efficiency savings in New York have lagged behind other states, despite being the ‘lowest hanging fruit’ to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save on energy bills and create jobs. As long as the Governor’s new efficiency ‘targets’ have teeth, and require all energy utilities to achieve best-in-the-nation savings, they will be a giant step towards a truly sustainable energy policy for the Empire State.

“In 2016, Governor Cuomo set an ambitious goal of reducing fossil fuel-based power by 50 percent between now and 2030. To get there, we need to ‘go bigger’ on renewables and make a significant new commitment on energy efficiency. While we’re doing so, we need to cut CO2 and other greenhouse gases like methane, meaning no new fossil fuel infrastructure. Riverkeeper stands ready to help on all fronts.”

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