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How You Can Help in the Aftermath of Superstorm Sandy

Riverkeeper’s lights are on, our servers are up and running, and despite the extraordinary damage on the Hudson Line, our office is fully staffed for the first time this week. Sadly, we can’t say the same for many of our friends and neighbors, and we want to urge you to help out if you can.


As Riverkeeper learns of volunteer opportunities central to our mission of protecting the Hudson River and our drinking water supply, we will mobilize people who want to help. Please fill out our volunteer survey so we can alert you to future opportunities.

In addition to the extraordinary impacts to our homes and public infrastructure, Superstorm Sandy also had an extraordinary impact to our environment. Riverkeeper has sounded the alarm about widespread pollution in the Hudson River and New York Harbor by a variety of toxic chemicals, including petroleum and fluids from cars and boats; contaminants from flooded subways, roads, parking lots and tunnels; and contaminants washed from shoreline industrial sites, as well as commercial and residential buildings. Our message is being heard, as the press reports on widespread pollution, as well as specific waterways, from the Gowanus Canal to the Rondout Creek.

You can do a service for our water by helping Riverkeeper to document this pollution. Where possible, we will take action with environmental agencies to remedy pollution. In all instances, documenting pollution will help us understand the impacts of this extraordinary storm surge, so we can advocate for actions that will lessen or eliminate impacts from the next storm. When you see something, take photos, and note the location, time and conditions, as well as any other necessary information.

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