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Join Rockland in Saying NO to Desalination!


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10,000 calls to Governor Cuomo in 10 Days
The state is close to making a decision on United Water’s proposed desalination plant for Rockland County; a plant that would be costly to our environment as well as our wallets, increasing Rockland’s water bills by almost $500. The devastation from Hurricane Sandy leaves Rockland County residents with even deeper concerns about this plant.

The superstorm brought unthinkable devastation to our infrastructure. Powerful storm surges mangled United Water’s intake equipment for the desalination pilot plant and raw sewage flooded the area of the river adjacent to the proposed plant’s intake pipe.

Think how much worse it would be if we were dependent on an energy intensive desalination plant on the river’s edge for something as vital as our clean drinking water.

Speak out in the 10,000 in 10 days action to prevent the desalination plant from being pushed through in Albany.
Call before Thanksgiving and urge Governor Cuomo to explore safer, sustainable, more affordable options for Rockland County’s drinking water:
[email protected]
Your voice will help us make the difference.
For more information and to sign the petition, go to