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Local communities joining Riverkeeper’s call for crude transport safety

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Local governments and citizens in the Hudson Valley are speaking out against the reckless transport of crude oil through our communities by passing local resolutions. Most recently: Dutchess County passed local resolution on Monday, April 13 Putnam County passed a resolution Tuesday, April 7. We thank local officials in both counties for taking a strong stance on behalf of their constituents. Riverkeeper is assisting such actions by presenting facts about the risks posed by this industry and the steps needed to protect our river and environment.

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Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro Tweets Success

Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro Tweets Success

What can we do? Raise the red flag by passing local resolutions

Resolutions advocating for crude transport safety are critical in building the case for strong action in Albany and Washington, D.C. We need local communities to speak out and get engaged – and it is easier than you think to motivate your local elected officials.

Pass Resolutions

The power of a handful of citizens in Putnam County led to the passage of strong resolutions in Cold Spring, Philipstown and Putnam County — asking our federal and state officials to take necessary steps to safeguard our communities and Hudson River from a crude oil disaster. These resolutions were featured in WAMC under the headline, “Renewed Push For Oil Train Regulations As Communities Prepare For Disaster.” Check out the wording from the beginning of Philipstown’s resolution:

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The resolution goes on to identify local treasures, such as the ecologically sensitive Constitution Marsh, that could face significant impacts in a crude oil spill from a tanker or barge. The resolution from Hyde Park identifies the threat to drinking water intakes from a potential crude oil spill.

Here are five steps towards moving a resolution on crude oil forward in your community.

1. Gather a small group of advocates who will help draft a resolution and connect you to local policymakers.

2. Adapt an existing crude oil resolution to your local community.

3. Identify the target committee. For example a committee on the environment, health or public safety.

4. Secure a sponsor who will champion the resolution.

5. Build support utilizing your local media outlets.

How to pass a resolution 5 steps

In my recent presentations in Poughkeepsie and Beacon — both in Dutchess County — I urged local residents to approach their elected officials across the county to speak out on this bipartisan issue. Momentum is building across the Hudson Valley, and I urge you to join this campaign. Add your municipality or county to the growing list of communities speaking out. Below I’ve included links to existing resolutions to utilize in your effort. Please reach out if you are interested in championing a resolution in your community.

Local Resolutions:

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